Aktionsbündnis Weltoffenes Werder
(Action Alliance Tolerant Werder)

Who we are:

The Aktionsbündnis Weltoffenes Werder exists since 2017. We are an independent and non-partisan initiative. We have representatives of churches, schools, politics and individuals involved in our group.

What we want:

Our goal is that Werder becomes a tolerant city. We want all people to be able to live well and safely here. No person should be disadvantaged because of their origin, faith, appearance, way of life or sexual orientation. We encourage and support people to confront exclusion, hatred and violence. We are active against racism and right-wing extremism.

What we do:

  • Every year we organise the Aktionswoche Weltoffenes Werder (Action Week Tolerant Werder), with many events promoting an open, diverse and anti-racist society.
  • We offer information and training on the topics of racism, anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism and conspiracy ideologies.
  • We organise public discussions, for example before political elections.
  • We are active against racist and anti-human slogans in Werder. We organize protests when right-wing extremists appear in public.
  • We are committed to the right to asylum. Refugees and people who have immigrated should be welcomed in Werder.
  • We remember the crimes of the German Nazi dictatorship and oppose the trivialization and falsification of history.
  • We bring together people and institutions who want to get involved in Werder and the surrounding area against racism and for an open society.

Aktionswoche Weltoffenes Werder 2023

A week of events for a cosmopolitan and diverse society, against racism and exclusion. 15th to 23rd September 2023

From September 15 to September 23, 2023, the Aktionswoche Weltoffenes Werder will take place again. With a varied program we want to set an example for a cosmopolitan and diverse society and against racism and exclusion.
For selected events, we endeavor to offer translations into other languages ​​if required.
Would you like to take part in one of the events and need a translation into another language? Then please send us a message as early as possible to: info@weltoffenes-werder.de so that we can try to find translators.

The admission to all events is free!

Joining the Aktionsbündnis Weltoffenes Werder

Would you like to get actively involved in creating a tolerant Werder and fighting against racism? Then join the Aktionsbündnis Weltoffenes Werder!

We look forward to your messages: info@weltoffenes-werder.de




Where can I get help and support?

  • Opferperspektive supports victims of right-wing violence and racist discrimination.

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